4 juillet 2008

Art Education 2.0

Art Education 2.0

A découvrir ce réseau sur NING

"Art Education 2.0 is for art educators at all levels who are interested in using digital technologies to enhance and transform art teaching and learning. The aim of Art Education 2.0 is to explore ways of using technology to promote effective art education practices, encourage cultural exchanges and joint creative work, and support artistic projects, curricular activities, and professional development opportunities deemed important by our members. To join our global community, sign up for a free Ning account by filling out the profile information and uploading a profile picture. Once your registration has been approved, you can participate in forums, groups, blogging, photo and video sharing, and RSS. We welcome newbies as well as experienced technology users."

Je trouve très réussi le choix le graphisme de la page d'accueil !

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