Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association

Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association

Mission et bbut pour ce projet d'envergure :

The mission of OASPA is to support and represent the interests of Open Access (OA) journal publishers globally in all scientific, technical, and scholarly disciplines. To accomplish its mission, the Association will:

* Exchange Information - Provide a forum for the exchange of information and experiences related to OA delivery of scientific content.
* Set Standards - Promote a uniform definition of OA publishing, best practices for maintaining and disseminating OA scholarly communications, and ethical standards.
* Advance Models - Support the development of business and publishing models that support OA journal publishing.
* Advocate for Gold1 OA - Promote Gold OA journals, and policies that support their viability.
* Educate - Educate the research community and public on the benefits of OA journals, on the value publishers bring to the publication process and on various policies that enhance and support the delivery of OA publications.
* Promote Innovation - Contribute to the development and dissemination of innovative approaches to scientific communications pertaining to OA and of related activities that leverage the opportunities afforded by OA to scholarly content.

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